Services We Provide

Public Speaking

  • Religious Events
    1. At Family Nights in Mosques and Community Centers.
    2. At Halaqa (study circle) meetings
  • Educational Functions
    1. At High school and College MSA meetings.
    2. In college Islam 101 classes
  • Religious Support
    1. at bridal showers, baby showers, and “dua parties”
    2. At Hijab celebrations (when a young woman is honored for her decision to start wearing the headscarf)


  • In middle school history classes (unit on world religions)
  • On parenting panels


  • In interfaith discussions

Writings and Editings

Sister Hina Khan-Mukhtar has spoken on the following topics.

  • Raising Muslim children to grow up to be practicing believers
  • Marriage advice
  • Internet safety
  • Social media etiquettes
  • Understanding the Islamic perspective on LGBTQ issues rights of parents in Islam
  • The value of intentions in college life and beyond
  • The most common myths and misconceptions about Islam
  • The Islamic perspective on poverty and justice

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